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Products can be added individually or from a spreadsheet. You will need to be in the "Vendor" mode to add products.

Product Setup

This section provides an overview on setting up your products. You can only setup products if you are a vendor (i.e. if you are using the vendor mode in MyBiZSquare)

You can operate as a supplier or a buyer by using the toggle button at the top left. Change it to Vendor or Buyer as needed.

The first step for vendors in MyBiZSquare to start selling is to setup their products. Products can be setup one at a time or uploaded in bulk. Updating product attributes can also be updated individually or in bulk using a spreadsheet. Also, it is possible to provide discounts or to add markup to certain buyers.

Adding / Updating Products Individually

Products can be added using the "+Add" button in the My Products tab. For making updates to an existing product, click on the product and make the updates. 

Products can be inactivated by toggling the "Status" button. Once inactivated the products will appear in the "Inactive" tab, and can be re-activated by toggling the "Status" button again.

Add products using the +Add product button on the My Products page.
Adding New Products in Bulk

To add a list of products at once click on the "Import / Export / Mass Update" button from the My Products page and select "Import (Upload) Products from an Excel file" option from the "Select Action" dropdown.

Download the template and use it to add your products. Once the spreadsheet is updated with your product list you can upload using the "ADD EXCEL" button. The system will not complete the upload if there are any data errors in the spreadsheet. For e.g. duplicate product IDs, Incorrect column order etc.

Please be mindful of the below:

1. The spreadsheet that you upload should be in the same format as the template.

2. If a product ID listed in the spreadsheet is already in the system as an active product, the upload will update the system with the details in the spreadsheet. This functionality will be very helpful to update prices, description etc. However please be careful to make sure that you have the right product IDs. Otherwise the upload can update the wrong products.

Highly Recommended: Download and save a copy of the products before you perform any upload. That way if something gets updated incorrectly you can revert your changes by re-uploading the saved file.

Products can be added by uploading from a spreadsheet.
Updating Products in Bulk

If you would like to update the prices or descriptions of products in bulk you can use a spreadsheet upload to do that as well. 

You can download the products that need to be updated using the "Export (Download) Products to an Excel File" option. All the updates can be made to the downloaded file, which will also ensure that you have the right file format to upload. Once the spreadsheet is updated upload it into the system.

You can download all your products to a spreadsheet anytime.
Inactivating Products

There are multiple reasons why you may want to inactivate products, for e.g. You stop selling a brand or a line of products, You incorrectly uploaded products and would like to re-upload it with different product IDs, etc.

You can inactivate products individually or in bulk. For inactivating in bulk use the option below. To reactivate products in bulk you can use the download option as explained above, change the status field to Active in the spreadsheet and upload it again.

If a product is marked as inactive it will not show for your buyers.
Price Setup at the Buyer Level

To setup a discount or to setup a markup price for a specific buyer refer to the Settings knowledgebase.

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to MyBiZSquare Support.

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