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Our Story

Wholesale ordering process is very inefficient and time consuming. MyBiZSquare changes all that.

We were a business buying some stuff.... and reselling to other businesses.

Most of the wholesale businesses still use phone or email or faxes for ordering.

It all started when we realized that we were running our business on emails, phone calls and messages.

Many times business are unable to scale because of their manual ordering processes.

It was overwhelming at times, let alone being sustainable or scalable.

We reached out to our vendors and buyers so we could use the systems they were using ......Well, we found out there were a lot of "us" around.

There were some systems available in the market though, but we wish we were a Fortune 50 company to afford one.

MyBiZSquare is committed to providing world class functionalities and technology for all business.
Make your wholesale business more efficient and easily scalable.

It started the vision to create a world class order management system that has the end to end functionalities and is self on-boardable, simple & intuitive to use, and affordable for all businesses.

MyBiZSquare was created to reduce the wholesale ordering inefficiencies.

In addition to providing a fully functional, end-to-end order management system, MyBiZSquare provides you with meaningful business dashboards, which will show your yearly and monthly performance, year over year comparisons, top selling/buying products, etc. That, we believe, is the most powerful part of MyBizSquare! You, being able to review your own performance, over time.

We will continuously make improvements or add new functionalities to MyBiZSquare so you won't ever fall behind.


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