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MyBiZSquare Wholesale Order Management Software

MyBiZSquare Basics

This section provides an overview of MyBiZSquare.


If you are looking for details on each processes please refer to the individual knowledgebases.

Order Management, Invoice Generation, Payments and Inventory Management

The foundational setup for a vendor is to setup their products. Once the products and their prices are setup they are ready to sell the product to their buyers. For more details on setting up products, and setting up discounts/markups refer to the Product Setup knowledgebase.

For a buyer to see their vendors' products, they need to establish a connection with their vendor. Either a vendor or a buyer can send a request to connect to the other party. Once the receiving party accepts the request, they can start doing business with each other.

If the buyer has connections with multiple vendors they can see all vendor products in their marketplace. The buyer can add all the products they need to their order even if different products are fulfilled by different vendors. MyBiZSquare will send each vendor their order separately.

Once the vendor ships the order and updates the order status MyBiZSquare generates the invoice per the Payment Terms. Then vendor can add discounts, additional charges, sales tax etc before sending the invoice to the buyer. 

The buyer can make the invoice payment using credit/debit cards, and this will close the order & invoice cycle.

List of Functionalities

Please read the other knowledgebases to learn about the functionalities in detail. Below listed is a list of MyBiZSquare capabilities. Most functionalities are available on web and mobile apps. Functionalities that are available on both web/mobile are indicated by an asterisk (*)

  • Products

    • Manual Setup

    • Spreadsheet Imports / Exports​

    • Buyer Specific Markups/Discounts*

    • Activate / Inactivate Products

  • Marketplace​

    • ​Products from all Vendors in one place​​*

    • Frequently Ordered tab for easy ordering*

  • Orders

    • Order Calendar View​*

    • Ability to Partially Ship*

    • Auto-invoice Generation*

    • Spreadsheet Exports

    • Email Notification for New Orders*

  • Invoices

    • Automatic/Manual Invoice generation​*

    • Payment Terms Setup*

    • Email Notification for New Invoices*

    • Spreadsheet Exports

  • Payments

    • Credit/Debit Card Payments*

    • Email Notification for New Payments*

  • Employees

    • Setup Employees at different security levels*

  • Business Units​

    • Setup any number of business units​*

    • Buy and Sell using the same business unit*

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to MyBiZSquare Support.

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