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Employee setup and login option

Employee Setup and Login

This section provides an overview on how to setup your employees so they can access MyBiZSquare to manage all or parts of your system.

All the functionalities in Order Management are available on the Web as well as on the Mobile apps (iPhone and Android).

Employee Setup

You can give your employees access to the system so they can manage some or all functionalities, as you choose. The first thing you need to do is to create an employee profile in the system in the "My Employees" tab. Once you enter the employee details they will get a welcome email in their email with the instructions to login. You will need to provide them with their employee ID and password. They will need your MyBiZSquare ID to login (which will be also included in the email that they will receive as part of the signup)

You can setup  employees and their access very easily
Step to add an employee

Depending on what access you would like them to have choose the role appropriately. An administrator will have all the access to the system, including viewing your dashboard, invoices and making payments. An Order Manager will only have access to manage your orders. They will not have access to see your dashboards, invoices or create new employees.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Your employees cannot reset their password if they forget it. You will need to reset it for them.

2. Regardless of an Order Manager or an Administrator; they will only have access to the business unit where you create them. If your business have multiple business units and you would like the employee to have access to more than one business unit you will need to create the employee profile under each business unit. You can use the same ID and password. (If you are not familiar with creating multiple business units refer to the Business Units knowledgebase)

3. Once an employee leaves your company please do not forget to delete their profile from "My Employees" tab, in all business units where their ID exists.

Employee Login

Your employees will use the "Employee Login" link to login to the system. As a first step they will need to provide the MyBiZSquare ID to connect to your business unit, followed by the user ID and password.

Employee login screen

If there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to MyBiZSquare Support.

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