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A fully functional order management system for your wholesale business. No more developing and maintaining your own software. Right sized for small and medium sized businesses!

Onboard your products and start selling to your business buyers within no time, with the ability to generate invoices, receive payments and manage inventory!


Order Management


See products from all your vendors in one marketplace view.

Focus on what you need to order and not on who you are ordering it from.

Single Market, Single Process!

Order Management

Receive orders from your buyers in real time. Provide delivery dates to buyers.

See orders from ALL your buyers in one consolidated view.

Receive and Manage Orders


B2B Order Management Software on Web and mobile

Shipping Updates

Shipping Updates

Know when your vendor has shipped your products.

Provide Shipping Updates

Manage the status of all your orders. Let the buyers know when you have shipped the products.



B2B Delivery and Shipping updates from the supplier

Invoice Management

Receive Invoices

Receive invoices from your vendors. Never miss an invoice with a system that tracks for you based on your Payment Terms.


Auto-generate invoices once shipping has completed. Never miss an invoice again.

Factor in discounts, sales tax and payment terms.


Wholesale Invoicing between wholesale suppliers and buyers. Invoices are created automatically when orders ship.



Receive Payments

Receive payments from your buyers.

We do not charge any additional commission on the payments other than the payment processor fees.

(For e.g. If the payment processor fees are 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction, that is what you will pay



Make Payments

Make payments to your vendors. We support Credit/Debit Card Payments.


Since the same platform tracks your orders, invoices and payments, reconciliations become simple.

Wholesale Payment from buyers to suppliers. Setup payment terms for your wholesale buyers.




Manage Inventory

Automatic inventory updates as you receive an order and as you process the order.

Way less effort to manage product inventory


Track your own inventory as well as map the products that you purchase from your vendors to your product for automatic inventory updates.

Manage your wholesale inventory using MyBiZSquare. Inventory updates automatically when orders are received and fulfilled.

Inbox and Messaging

With MyBiZSquare Inbox you do not need emails, messages or phone calls to communicate with your vendors or buyers.

Supplier / Buyer messaging coming soon.

Coming Soon ...

Why Customers Love MyBiZSquare!

Quick Ordering and Online Catalogue

MyBiZSquare allows me to order products for my cafe quickly and easily each week. It's easy to see my vendors' catalogue of products, prices and size options all in one place. And I appreciate seeing my order history. The app is great, too, for ordering on the fly!

Lassi & Spice owner's feedback
Lassi & Spice's order management and invoice management software

Susannah Dhamdhere

Owner, Lassi & Spice

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